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Ebrahim Family Session

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

In the heart of Pretoria at Rosemary Hill Farm, we had the pleasure of capturing a beautiful family from out of town. Their story is a testament to the unique tapestry that is family life.

Comprising of a loving mom and dad, and their two lovely daughters, that exuded an aura of joy and togetherness that was nothing short of infectious. The girls added a delightful spark to the shoot with their bright,

colourful dresses that reflected their vivacious personalities. It was an absolute joy to capture their unique spirit and individuality on camera.

There were tender moments, joyful giggles, and playful exchanges that made for a truly memorable day.

We feel privileged to have been part of this shoot, and to have had the opportunity to freeze those magical moments in time. Venue: @rosemary_hill_farm


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